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If “cannabis” as a broad concept had a universal mantra, “it’s a plant” might be it. Simple, clean, effective — a slogan that both the legalization movement and the billion-dollar industry could agree on. And, as more states and the federal government grapple still with ending prohibition, it’s also relevant. Why not legalize, yesterday? It’s just a plant, after all!

But reducing cannabis to a natural creation neglects the fact that this plant is a commodity in the digital era — and that cannabis technology has made an enormous contribution to elevate its many uses.

Humans are rediscovering cannabis and…

The long, drawn-out year of 2020 ends with the first (and, we hope, the last) official pandemic holidays.

As we turn the page on the most challenging year in our memories and prepare to ride out what we all hope are the last months of the COVID-19 era, let’s remember one thing: Cannabis got us through this, and it will get us through whatever’s next.

Now’s the perfect time to reward yourself — and those you care about too! — with a world-class cannabis vaporizer.

In addition to prime picks from DaVinci, we’re highlighting others we admire. These are the…

There are many types of cannabis concentrates on the market today, with a broad range of consistencies, potencies, textures, flavors, chemical compositions and delivery methods. Most cannabis concentrates also require the selection and use of a heating device, of which there are many different types. With so many options out there, the world of cannabis concentrates can feel quite confusing — to say the least.

As a consumer, how do you know which types of cannabis concentrates and delivery methods are right for you? How do you winnow down the field when the options feel nearly infinite?

Here’s our pro…

In his Histories, the ancient Greek scholar Herodotus investigates the political situation that led to the destructive and disruptive Greco-Persian war (a conflict modern-day bros of the 21st century might remember from their long hours watching 300 on DVD). Along the way, he also provides an account of the earliest recorded instance of stoner culture, which has special resonance today. What Herodotus documents is an ancient dry herb vape.

Nomadic warriors on horseback, the Scythian people inhabited a vast land stretching from the Black Sea to modern-day China, an expanse that includes the region of Central Asia where the cannabis…

There is no debate within the scientific or medical communities regarding the harm reduction and overall safety profile that is inherent in the vaporization of loose-leaf (“dry herb”) cannabis flower with regard to other types of inhalation — most notably, smoking. This fact regarding loose-leaf vaporization, however, can easily be misconstrued or misinterpreted by laypeople and experts alike for a variety of reasons.

“Cannabis ‘vaporization’ is a technique aimed at suppressing irritating respiratory toxins by heating cannabis to a temperature where active cannabinoid vapors form, but below the point of combustion where smoke and associated toxins are produced,” reported a…


Vaporizers are a great aid in alternative medicine therapies that contribute with your overall wellness, improving your health and making your environment more pleasant. Smoke, pollutants and other elements in the air may not only cause all kind of health problems, but also affect your mood negatively. That unexplainable sensation of fatigue that you feel by the end of the day is not always the tiresome feeling that is produced by a hard work day, but the contaminated air that we breath. …

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