Cannabis Vaporizer Gift Guide: 2020–21 Edition

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4 min readDec 24, 2020


The long, drawn-out year of 2020 ends with the first (and, we hope, the last) official pandemic holidays.

As we turn the page on the most challenging year in our memories and prepare to ride out what we all hope are the last months of the COVID-19 era, let’s remember one thing: Cannabis got us through this, and it will get us through whatever’s next.

Now’s the perfect time to reward yourself — and those you care about too! — with a world-class cannabis vaporizer.

In addition to prime picks from DaVinci, we’re highlighting others we admire. These are the best vaporizers when it comes to innovative design, consumer-friendly performance, and above all quality, reflected in both taste and reliability. All of these devices are attention-grabbing showpieces with everyday utility.

Treat yourself, or someone else: These are the finest cannabis gifts you can give to anyone.


Simply the best combination of performance and design available, the dual-use DAVINCI IQ2 ($295) is the standard by which all other modern vaporizers are judged. Its alpha status is achieved through distinctive and thoughtful design, as well as unmatched versatility: Load your own flower or concentrate of choice.

Small enough to fit in a hand, or tuck into a slim pocket or an elegant evening clutch, the sleek brushed-metal exterior makes an immediate statement, but all the real action goes on inside.

Centered around Clean First technology, made of medical-grade design elements, the IQ2 allows only ceramic, zirconia and glass to touch the dry flower or concentrates loaded inside — no metal or plastic, and thus no potentially dangerous contaminants. (This is medicine, after all.) In this way, the IQ2 ensures unparalleled purity as well as standout cannabis flavor.

The IQ2 also gives the user a supreme level of control. Size and potency of draws are modulated via precise temperature inputs and an adjustable air-flow dial. The user decides THC levels, input via the app or on the device.

Sophisticated consumers appreciate the ability to choose the exact temperature to release the desired amount of cannabinoids and terpenes, while newbies will be able to unlock previously unknown levels of cannabis potential through easy-to-master experimentation.

In addition to its dry herb oven, the IQ2 also comes with ceramic dosage pods for load-your-own concentrates. These pods allow you to switch between flower and extracts for the desired taste and effects combination. Dabbing was never easier, cleaner, or more discreet.

The 51-light LED display provides a steady stream of information about battery life, how much dry herb is left in the oven, and temperature control, among other useful data.

With a streamlined air path, cleaning is a simple affair, and with such a straightforward design, there is also ample opportunity to personalize your device with the desired vaporizer accessories: glass bubblers and extended mouthpieces, to name a few.

With longevity in mind, the IQ2 is built rock-solid and has a 10-year warranty. We could go on, but we’ll leave you with one thought: There is simply no vaporizer like it.


In many ways the IQ2’s “mini me,” the MIQRO ($99) is anything but diminutive, and commands plenty of attention in its own right.

Built from the same mold as the IQ2 and with the same materials, the flower-only MIQRO is perfect for discreet micro-dosing and is rugged enough to be packed on the go in harsh environments — but never too harsh; that’s what the vaporizer is for.

All of the key controls found on the IQ2 can be found on the MIQRO, including precision temperature control; Smart Paths that allow precise release of THC, CBD or CBN as desired; and the medical-grade ceramic and zirconia air-path materials. The removable battery is easily swapped out for longer seshes.

Compact in physical size, the MIQRO also allows you to dial down the dose with an adjustable oven size. Precise microdosing makes the MIQRO an ideal choice for daytime use or on-the-go at events. It’s the ideal everyday device for a light user or meticulous microdoser. Just as smart as the IQ2, but on a smaller scale.

Give the Gift of Good Vaping

For fans of flower, lovers of concentrates and those that like a little bit of everything, there’s a cannabis vaporizer that fits the bill. And whether you’re gifting for yourself or a friend, just don’t skimp on quality. There’s no need to.

Here’s to a better year ahead.



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